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The MatJack High Pressure Air Lift Bag requires only 1" of clearance and can lift up to 86 tons with the touch of a button. It is primarily used in low insertion height situations with heavy weight that need to be lifted such as buildings, bridges, vehicle or structural rescue, cargo shifting, heavy truck or aircraft recovery and moving machinery to name a few.

Matjacks unique construction of four full layers of aramid fiber per side used primarily in applications such as rescue where the lighter weight product is a benefit or three full layers of woven steel per side, used in rugged, demanding, high cycle applications work such as construction lifting, machinery and recovery, both provide a lifting bag unmatched in strength and​​ durability.

Matjack high pressure air lift bags are made in the USA, are ISO 9001/2008 and CE certified and come with an unconditional 5 year industry warranty.

All Matjack high pressure air lift bags are marked with a distinctive "tonnage rated bulls eye" to make it easy to center under the load and pick up the correct tonnage bag if you're in a hurry and low visibility.

All Matjacks have a tapered, interlocking surface to limit slippage and aid in stacking.

All Matjacks have either carry handles or direct molded tabs/eyes for lifting or attaching to accessories.

The Matjack push button, deadbeat controller or joy stick allows independent or simultaneous operation of one or more airbags.

Supply hoses are color coded to help eliminate confusion during the simultaneous operation of more than one air bag.

Available in a variety of sizes and ranging in lifting capacity from 1.5 tons to 86 tons, the Matjack Air Lift Bag System is efficient, economical, safe and reliable.

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