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The evacuation raft is fully inflatable, lightweight and portable. It is very manageable and can be moved with oars or pushed by hand.


The evacuation raft has a flat bottom, which gives it great stability and makes it suitable for use in shallow water, from 50 mm deep. The evacuation raft is ideal for flood rescue situations.


The closed stern has been designed to give rescued victims a greater sense of security on board. Once in the raft, people can sit on the ground surrounded by the inflatable tubes, which provide a safe and comfortable rescue environment.

  • Exceptional strength and durability

  • Fast inflation and deployment

  • Enclosed stern for a safe and comfortable rescue environment

  • Minimal training, service and maintenance costs


The evacuation raft is available in two standard sizes: RS8ER and RS10ER, with 8 and 10 places, respectively. The RS8ER and RS10ER evacuation rafts have increased space and carrying capacity, making them the perfect choice for emergency evacuation and flood rescue situations. Larger sizes (up to 45 seats) can be manufactured on request.

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