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A lightweight inflatable stretcher used to transport casualties in any rescue scenario. For easy transportation, it can be packed in a small bag.

This fully inflatable stretcher is very light and portable and can be inflated and deflated using a single valve.

It has been designed in such a way that it can be easily transported while in use thanks to the sturdy handles located on each side. The board also has an easy release multi-point harness to secure casualties during transport. It is ideal for the recovery of wounded in narrow or difficult to access places. Its compact size allows it to be easily folded into vehicles, boats, helicopters or airplanes.

The stretcher is inflated using a breathing air cylinder or pump, allowing it to be deployed easily and quickly. It can be used comfortably on adults up to 1.98m tall and 150kg in weight.

Community design registration: 001409809-0003

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