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MFC Survival Fire Retardant Shelters offer a rapidly deployable shelter for emergency and rapid response situations. Their design makes them lighter and more compact, making them easier to transport and take to any situation. Shelters are available in fire retardant option if required.

These fully inflatable shelters can be set up in minutes and stand upright without continuous inflation. The shelters, with no mechanical frame, are lightweight and compact for easy transport and storage. All shelters are supplied with removable panels and adjustable zipped entrances at the front and rear, offering a versatile solution that allows two or more shelters to be joined together if required. The shelters can be anchored to soft or hard ground and include guy wires for use in all weather conditions.

Relied on by the armed forces, emergency services and humanitarian organisations, these shelters are frequently used in field hospitals, management centres, crime scene preservation, storage areas and vehicle maintenance.

MFC Survival shelters are supplied with a wide range of additional equipment, as well as a wide variety of extras such as heating, lighting and removable flooring.

  • Wide range of sizes and colors available

  • The smallest shelters can be carried by just two people

  • Custom shelters available to meet more specific requirements

  • Inflation by breathing air cylinder and regulator, electric pump or foot pump

FR with specifications of: BS7837/ FAR25.853A/ 30CFR87.27

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