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Stak Jak Lifting Bags is a revolutionary flat profile lifting bag for vehicle lifting requirements and other demanding applications. Stak Jak's flat profile has several unique advantages over other traditional ovoid booster cushions; the most important being the ability to safely stack up to three cushions at once. This allows for greater lift height without the risk of instability or sudden ejection that can occur when stacking ovoid cushions.


In addition, Stak Jaks are not subject to the reduction in lifting capacity experienced by ovoid cushions. There is no need to consider complicated charts, heights or uncertain lifting capacities when using a Stak Jak, as its lifting capacity remains constant throughout the entire operation, even at maximum height.

Stak Jaks are slim for tight environments and compact storage. They are made of very strong Kevlar cable, but are light enough to be carried by one person.

Stak Jaks can be rapidly inflated for immediate lift, making them ideal for use in emergency and rapid response situations. They also have the possibility of controlled deflation if necessary, and can include an optional purge valve on request.

  • Flat profile prevents elevation drop

  • Up to three cushions can be safely stacked

  • Supplied with carabiner type fastening straps

  • light and compact

  • Possibility of controlled deflation

  • Much more stable than an ovoid cushion

  • Versatile: designed for emergency services, but also used in industrial, mining, railway companies, armed forces, caravans and static units

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