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MFC Survival's RC4000 Rescue Boat is designed to meet the performance criteria of conventional inflatable flood rescue boats while providing a shallow draft for easy portability. The four meter inflatable design incorporates double keels with a rigid inflatable floor.

If the RC4000 is used with a short shaft 2 or 4 stroke outboard motor, it can travel in strong currents as the twin keels ensure excellent manoeuvrability. It can be towed or in-line controlled with or without the engine attached and is light enough to be carried by the crew to a launch point.

When deflated, the rescue boat fits into a carry bag small enough to fit along with the engine in the back of a small van or in the trunk of an estate car with the rear seats folded down.

The RC4000 is equipped with various control line points and additional grab handles. Its length makes it easy to handle and the generous internal dimensions offer more space for occupants than inflatable rescue boats of the same size.

The RC4000 can carry up to 10 people or a four-person rescue crew with plenty of room for equipment.

  • solid and durable

  • Weighs considerably less than similar inflatable rescue boats (see technical information table)

  • Fast inflation by breathing air cylinder

  • compact storage

  • Raised bow for better wave performance

  • Excellent control of high speeds

  • A ramp is not necessary to launch the boat

  • Can be launched from virtually anywhere near the water

  • No specialized towing vehicle required

  • No special storage facilities needed for the boat

  • Hypalon lining on the keels


Scope of use EN ISO 6185-3: Category D Protected waters

Community design registration: 2520494

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