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The API stretcher is a revolutionary rescue stretcher designed to provide safe handling of a victim in an emergency rescue situation. Despite its solid construction, the API stretcher is light and easy to transport by one person, it is ideal for the recovery of victims in reduced or difficult access situations.

When deflated, the API stretcher is compact to store, easy to store in a vehicle, boat, helicopter, or watercraft. The API rescue stretcher has been extensively tested by mountain rescue teams, proving that it offers maximum mobility with minimum energy and physical effort. It is used in urban search and rescue and is also suitable for use in many different rescue environments.

  • Ideal for the recovery of victims in narrow or difficult to access places.

  • Easily stowed in a vehicle, boat, helicopter or plane

  • It can be carried, dragged, or skidded over various terrains, including snow, sand, swamp, and mudflats

    They are used for:

  • crisis rescue    river rescue

  • flood rescue 

  • Coastal and urban areas flooded 

  • Shallow water rescue

  • It can be lifted by a helicopter, transported in the horizontal or vertical plane

  • Supplied with an optional cover to provide  full protection against exposure.

  • Minimal training, service and maintenance costs.

Community design registration: 001409809-0001 and 0002

Optional lifting sling is certified: EN354:2010(E) and connectors: EN362:20014

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