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According to the standard Vehicle Rescue procedures used by the Fire Departments and Rescue Units, it is necessary to stabilize and secure the vehicle before the operators enter the passenger compartment or even before carrying out any rescue maneuver.  

This kind of wedges have historically been made of wood, but these in a short time present fractures, mold and loss of stability. Although these are cheap, they do not ensure the necessary resistance or support for the vehicle, endangering rescue maneuvers and the operators inside.

Turtle Plastic manufactures this product for recognized Extrication and Rescue Equipment companies. Its quality and resistance is recognized worldwide.



  • Blocks and wedges can be stacked to the required height.

  • Secure position: stacked shims fit together

  • Resistant to oil, chemicals and common cleaners and solvents, including acids.

  • Ecological, they are made of recyclable plastic (polyethylene and polymers)

  • Very stable, durable, do not crack, do not get wet. 

  • Permissible load up to 110 kg/cm2

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