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The Powermat is a heavy-duty, high-pressure lifting bag designed especially for lifting vehicles and objects in emergency situations. Deflated, the Powermat has a very slim profile that allows it to be used in tight or hard-to-reach places, as well as easy to store.

It is available in 13 standard sizes with maximum lifting capacities from 1 to 68 tons.

The Powermat inflates quickly and offers immediate lift. The most convenient source of inflation air supply is a diving or breathing air cylinder; a compressor, a factory air supply line, or a truck's air brake supply can also be used.

Thanks to its rapid response capabilities, the Powermat is ideal for emergency rescue situations, yet it is a highly versatile piece of equipment that can also be used in urban search and rescue, industry, mining, railway construction/maintenance, and the armed forces.

  • It is light and can be carried by one person

  • durable construction

  • Lifts heavy objects

  • up to 68 tons

  • Slim for use in tight spaces and

  • compact storage

  • Reduced maintenance

  • Coupling with safety lock

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