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The company

The mission  of FTC SAFETY EQUIPMENT is to provide an advisory service to fire departments, fire companies and interested private companies   in   the  acquisition and import  of some larger piece of material such as  cars  bombs,  mechanical scales,  Rescue Cars, Ambulances and  also equipment for firefighters such as beacons, sirens, personal protection equipment, rescue equipment, etc.


Fire  trucks  chili  Now FTC SAFETY EQUIPMENT is  a  company established in Chile and the United States in order to provide a quality service to the firefighters of our country and Latin America, Fire Trucks Chile is directed  and managed  by Mr.  Marcelo Araya  legal resident in  Boston United States for more than 14 years and Osvaldo Villalobos based in Chile with more than 20 years of service in Firefighters of Chile and our commitment is to  100% with  the firefighters of  our country and Latin America since we know their reality and their needs.


Osvaldo Villalobos
Owner and Consultant
Marcelo A. Araya
Owner and Consultant
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