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Decontamination shower for one person

Lightweight and quick to deploy, the MFC Survival One Person Inflatable Decontamination Shower enables rapid response

These fully inflatable decontamination shelters can be set up in minutes and stand upright without continuous inflation. The shelters, with no mechanical frame, are lightweight and compact for easy transport and storage. Decontamination showers come in two different styles: for a person with gloves or for a person without gloves.

Optional raised floor panels prevent contact with contaminated shower waste, which is collected in a chemical resistant PVC sump. Hoses for pumping out contaminated water are included as standard.

Showers can be used on soft or hard floors and include guy wires to secure in position during all weather conditions.

  • light and compact

  • Fast inflation and deployment

  • Reduced maintenance

  • Integral multi-nozzle shower systems for washing and rinsing

  • Hose connection fittings for washing brush

  • Transparent PVC doors

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