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Axes are the ideal tool for forced entry and ventilation work


These axes are in different models with a flat head and with a point, as well as fiberglass and wood handles that are not conductors of electricity, it is also known as  the  "Fire Axe" or Fire AXE, since since the beginning of the world order Firefighters, it has been used as a  melee weapon, ideal for opening accesses or making forced entry maneuvers and ventilation is  common that can be found in pump and rescue cars, since its functions are multiple.



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Halligans for use in forced entry work come in different sizes  and pesos, they also have  the option of  fiberglass coated handle  non-conductive of electricity and also made of heat-treated steel, it has great hardness and ductility, resists blows without generating internal fractures that weaken the piece and with low vibration transmission.

​ The adze end, or the fork end of the tool can be used to break locks or pick open doors. The firefighter can also perform a "baseball bat-type move" to plunge the pickaxe into the doorframe near the lock or latch and then force the door open. The tip and/or fork can be placed in the eye of chains or padlocks and twisted until it breaks.
It can also be used on sloped roofs by nailing the tip to provide a foothold for firefighters involved in vertical ventilation.

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