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Import of Emergency Vehicles

How do we do it

Fire Trucks Chile searches and finds the units according to  to the needs and characteristics that they request  our constituents, but most importantly according to the budget they have.


The units  They are wanted in the different fire departments in the United States that are selling their units and as well  we look for them in the different Delears (purchase and sale of fire trucks or ambulances) in the United States such as Command Fire Apparatus, Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus, Global Emergency Vehicles, Ambulance Network, Ambunet, First Priority and others, the benefit of buying directly from a Dealer is that they are specialized  in  the purchase and sale of used emergency vehicles and which before being sold and delivered to their new owners are subjected to the most strict reviews in accordance   to   the   rules  Y     procedures   established   in States  United in their specialized workshops and with certified personnel for it.


Once the unit is found, an inspection visit is coordinated with the owner of the unit, be it a fire department or a dealer, during the inspection visit a general check-up of the unit is carried out (Engine, Transmission,  Paint, Pump Body, chassis corrosion, etc). We issue a report  end of  inspection accompanied by photographs and videos. In addition, within our work is to negotiate the sale price of the vehicle, we coordinate everything that has to do with the export of the unit from the United States to Chile, we are in constant communication with the owner of the unit to see the advances of the vehicle before If it is sent to Chile, together with the shipper we coordinate dates of delivery and fumigation of the car at the port of shipment, the cost of fumigation of the unit is always included in the maritime freight, we also do all the monitoring of the ship, informing each time the location and estimated date of arrival in Chile, We also do the paperwork with the customs agent in Chile to make the pre-entry of the vehicle to Chile.



Why Fire Trucks Chile?  


Because,   we're   connected  with   the  firefighters of our country at all times and we know  your reality, we maintain a close and personal relationship with fire departments and companies.


Because,  is  a  business  that  I know  specializes   in facilitating   and advise the different fire departments in Chile and Latin America  to  to import  vehicles  from  emergencies  used.                           


Because,  our  service  It is professional, personalized and at a reasonable price. In addition, our experience and references guarantee us.   On the other hand, we know that hiring our advice is the delivery of your trust, which we are committed to honor with serious and professional work.   


Fire Trucks Chile is also registered as a provider of the State of Chile and a provider of the National Board of Firefighters of Chile in order to make it easier for our Firefighters to acquire equipment directly from the United States.









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